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Many entrepreneurs know what is the receipt. But when the time comes to create it, a lot of questions appear and you can get confused about which fields need to be filled in, what information and where to add. That's why team has created this simple receipt generator for you. Our free receipt maker is a ready-to-use free software for easy generating receipts for mobile and desktop users. You will find that generating receipts is as easy as typing in a text editor

Generate receipts online, track your sales

Whether you sell services or products online, have an offline shop, or work as a freelancer, your business will need professional receipts to help you stand out while keeping track of your invoices and sales. is free online receipt maker that can simplify process by instantly converting your sales into sales receipts with impressive and professional template designs. Save your receipt sample in an easy-to-use application. Use automatic account numbering, professional receipt templates, save customers in list, keep track of receipts.

receipt generator
free receipt generator

How to use receipt generator

Our Free Online Receipt Generator is an app that contains all the fields and functions you need to generate free online receipts. All you have to do is enter the exact information in the appropriate fields. The receipt generator works quickly and without errors. You will get the result in a matter of seconds in Word or PDF format. Download an online copy of your receipt and submit it either electronically (by email) or print your receipt. Creating receipt online consists of two stages:

  • After entering the receipt page, fill in all the required fields in the upper corner of the generator. Next, add a unique receipt number or leave it as the default, receipt date and add information about items/services. Below you can add notes that will also be visible on the final document.
  • To the right of the receipt maker, write the title of the document, add a logo. You also have the opportunity to completely customize your check, choose the check color, template and font. A few clicks and your receipt is ready, you can print or save it.

Online receipt for different type of businesses

It doesn't matter if you have a large business or you are a freelancer, the receipt will come in handy for keeping accurate records. Track your earnings, keep track of your payments and make professional settlements of sales and purchases. Automating this process with our online receipt generator will save you time and stay organized.

  • Receipt is a document that confirms the fact of purchasing any product for cash or non-cash payment with a bank card as part of a sale and purchase transaction
  • The main function of this document is proof of the buy/sell transaction
  • The information specified in the receipt is further used to record the flow of funds and the correct execution of financial statements.
  • A receipt is an integral part of a process such as a return or exchange of goods/services since receipt is proof that this purchase was made.
  • Use to improve and organize your receipt creation process. Want to learn more about features? Check this features page.
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How To Create Your First Receipt with Our Custom Receipt Maker is an effective, easy-to-use tool for creating custom receipts. Using our receipt generator platform, you can add your company logo, choose your currency of record, add taxes and discounts, and more, all from one convenient place.

With multiple patterns, colors, and fonts available, you’ll also be able to make your receipts look sharp, original, and professional.

Below, we’ll go over the simple steps needed to use our receipt generator.

After you finish filling in these five main sections, you can toggle over to the template settings on the right side of the screen. There, you can change the title if you wish – the default title will be “Receipt.”

The currency of the template will be set automatically based on your location. If you need to select a different currency, you can manually do so with just a couple clicks.

Finally, you can choose a font and color for your receipt - a customized receipt template will help your business look more professional. Once you’ve made your selections, you’ll be ready to issue your receipt.

Viola - your first receipt is ready!

If you have any other questions about how our receipt maker works, feel free to drop us a line at

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our receipt templates are fully customizable. You can choose different receipt templates from the list, change the font and choose a color. A few clicks and your professional document is ready.

In the right corner of the receipt maker, you will find an option to add your brand logo to the document.

No, you will need to choose one of the subscription plans to start work with an online system

Yes, you can change the currency in the settings of the receipt generator.

Yes, the receipt maker has different options for the document formats. You can save the receipt in PDF or print it.

For sending receipt option you will need to do registration in the online system. Also, you can customize the email template for sending, change the text and add some other information.

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