Cash Receipt Template

All enterprises carry out operations for payment of goods, works, and services following concluded contracts with counterparties and employees strictly according to accounts. Some of the company's needs can be solved using cash (payment of wages, purchase of household and office supplies), which can be obtained by the head of the organization or his representative. If your company cooperates with your customers through cash as a primary business method, you should learn more about using our Cash receipt template.

Who Are Cash Receipts Good For?

Cash receipts are simple solutions for the automation of retail trade. Using receipts for payment is recommended for the following:

Retail Trade

Simplicity, speed of implementation, and low cost make it possible to implement our Cash receipt template in most trade enterprises, regardless of their size and type of activity, for automating a store (any kind of product), a supermarket, or a warehouse.

Chain Stores

The ability to work with the nomenclature of any store from one workplace, as well as the creation and instant execution of invoice transfers, allows you to keep records for several outlets conveniently.

What Do We Call A Cash Receipt?

Cash receipts are essential documents that record how much cash your company got from the customer. If you buy goods with money in the store, you’ll get your hands on a cash receipt. The bill says how you paid, the total amount, the date, and the shop that carried out the transaction. If you take cash from clients, cash receipts play a significant role in accounting and moving funds. Receipt example will help you to understand how to create professional receipt.

Advantages of Using Online Cash Receipts

Cash receipts can be written by hand or digitally. E-receipts are easy to print or send to the customer by email. The main thing is that the bill contains a clear record of key transaction details.

Access from Anywhere

You can see how much your store earns from anywhere in the world. Everything is taken into account – from mutual settlements with suppliers to the current register of the cash point and cash payments. You get access to statistics online, at any moment, from any device.


Thanks to a wide range of settings, the app for producing online cash receipts is easily adapted to the specifics of your business.

Access Restrictions and Security

Allow users to perform only the functions they need. All user actions are recorded in relevant reports.

Sales and Auction Reports

Accounting for receipts, movements, and sales of goods helps monitor the outlet's work. See sales, profit, balances, and profitability – data for any period by store, product group, or a specific item.

An Alternative To Using Free Receipt Word Templates

You can simply use the Office package and make a check in Word, but it will look unprofessional. In addition, you will have to enter all the data and create a new bill manually. The Internet resource Receipt Maker is designed for unrestricted use. This site will never contain viruses or other malicious programs. Our task is to simplify your work and help you to the best of our ability.

We present many forms that can be conveniently filled out and printed online, services for working with texts, and much more, such as printable receipt.

What Should Information Be in a Cash Receipt Template?

It will be ok if your digital bill fixes the amount that comes through your hands. The receipt of the payment template contains the following information:

  • Company name;
  • Date of the transaction;
  • Who made the payment;
  • Total amount;
  • Payment method: cash or card.

You can also add the following:

  • Logotype;
  • Address, e-mail address, and phone number of the company;
  • Upload additional information;
  • Text-wishes for customers.

If you run a business with lots of transactions, you know how important it is to maintain each money run. That would be great if your cash receipt template included all the details about the transaction to help you in accounting.

How to Organize Cash Receipt Templates?

To make a receipt on the site, take the following steps:

  • Choose a template type. For example if you’re a landlord you can find online rent receipt on other page.
  • Place your cursor over the box to copy the text as it is available to 'read-only.'
  • Press File – Make a copy to create a new editable document version.
  • In the window to create a new check, fill in all the fields.
  • Add information about your company, logo, and contacts;
  • Clicking OK will save the document, which can later be accessed from the main list of checks.
  • Send the receipt to the buyer.

How to Add a Company Logo to a Check?

How to configure the printing of the logo and messages on the blank receipt? You can personalize checks by adding the image of the company logo and messages for the buyer: wishes, promotions and exciting offers, invitations to visit again, forecasts, etc.

  • You can change the " Cabinet" logo in the "Settings" section. You can place up to two images: one from the top and one from the bottom.
  • In the open section, select "Logo settings for checks," put a checkmark on the required economic unit, load the logo and save the settings. It is possible to set a different symbol and location for each monetary unit or all of them simultaneously.
  • Pay attention. File extensions available for download are *.png, *.jpg, *.jpeg, *.ico.
  • If the logo is already present and you need to replace it, delete the old one by clicking on the trash bin.

Summing Up

An electronic check (e-Receipt) is a digital analog of a paper check, which allows you to fix cash payments without installing special equipment at the point of sale. Instead of a registrar, the seller needs to download a Receipt Generator app to his electronic device or use one of our Cash receipt templates to generate electronic checks.

For sellers, this is an essential part of accounting. For buyers, this is an opportunity to store all receipts in one place and always have access to them.

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