Receipt Template

An electronic receipt is a technological solution for trade and service operations. The new society model provides an alternative to cash registers. Sellers can use smartphones, tablets, and laptops to download a needed receipt template.

The electronic receipt may not be printed and will be sent to the buyer by email or any desired service:

  • by SMS;
  • in messengers tied to the phone number;
  • by email.

Create Receipts Online

You will no longer have to write receipts manually. Just set up a standard receipt template to print document in two clicks. Names of performers, types of work, goods and properties, amounts, and dates of orders will be added automatically due to the use of variables.

Record each sale in minutes, use just created or free standard templates you can find under the links, and print receipts:

  • for several deals at once;
  • in the process of dealing with clients;
  • after closing the deal.

As a result, you will get rid of routine work and will be able to sell more at a professional level.

Advantages of Using Online Receipts:

  • Flexibility;
  • Free templates;
  • Always available;
  • Informative;
  • Simple to do and print;
  • Secure;
  • Automation;
  • Saving time.

When Use Online Receipt Templates?

  • The courier hands the goods to the buyer, and the client pays them in cash or by card. At the same time, the payment can be made in whole or with a prepayment or advance credit.
  • The courier requests to print a check from a particular application and sends the buyer a complete electronic check from the Receipt Generator.
  • On our website, you can quickly fill in or write out an online form for a goods receipt and print it. You can download a free receipt template in any format or use the receipt-generating app.

Receipt Generator VS Receipt Template

Our Receipt Generator is the most up-to-date service for maintaining an electronic checks and invoices database, allowing you to create and save any financial papers. Create unique receipt templates for your business format!

In addition to a unique design with a logo, in Receipt Generator, you can create individual templates of merchandise receipts for each location. You can set different numbering and letter designations for sales in the settings. It will be easier for you to analyze the profitability of each branch, and you will understand the documents. This option is suitable for regular business when it is necessary to generate checks and count and keep records.

By downloading a free receipt template from the gallery, you can download a ready-made receipt in two clicks, enter the amount, customize it, and send it to the buyer. The receipt template includes standard information depending on its specific type:

Among other things, you can set the location of text elements in the check (right, left, centered, the number of spaces and intervals between parts), the width of the fields, and the font size (small, medium, large).

Receipt Template Benefits

You can promote goods and services with the help of electronic receipts. Our templates have unique promotional options that can be activated in your account:

  • Branding – adding information about discounts and promotions, website address, etc., to the digital check sent via SMS or messenger.
  • Logo in the bill to email.

Thus, with the help of additional elements of the receipt, it is possible to increase the recognition of the seller's company among existing customers and motivate them to participate in promotions and repeat purchases. Here are more advantages of using our receipt templates:

  • Free and easy to download receipts in Word, Excel, or PDF format;
  • The documents take a minute to send to clients;
  • You can use an option to calculate amounts automatically;
  • Each receipt is customizable;
  • You can print a receipt and submit it on paper;
  • Keep the corporate style and uniformly create documents: place the logo, details, and other information.

How to Use Receipt Templates?

Do you want to know how to make a receipt? Feel free to use our receipt templates. We have a full spectrum of financial papers, including cash and rent receipts, donation receipts, and invoices for goods in any convenient format. Look further to download electronic receipts pages.

To make a receipt on the site, take the following steps:

  • Choose the receipt in a proper format and download a link.
  • Place your cursor over the box to copy the text as it is available to ‘read-only.’
  • Press File – Make a copy to create a new editable document version.
  • Fill in your details and information about the company.
  • Download and send to your customers!

How to Make Changes to the Finished Template?

Select the desired template from the list and click the Edit button to replace a template for any type of check or label. In the window that opens, check the Main field and click the Save button. The template you choose will become the main one for this type of check or label and will be used when printing in the program

If any template of receipts or labels is no longer used, it can be removed from the list using the Delete button. If you need to use it again, check the Show deleted field, select the desired template and select the Restore command in the context menu.

For the guest check and receipts, in addition to the template, there can be separately customized information printed in the header and bottom of the bill (for example, "Thank you for the order!", "We are waiting for you again!", etc.). It is edited in the Title and Lower part of the block.

When specifying printed information, special macros can be used for automatic substitution:

  • Company Name;
  • Legal Name;
  • Legal Address;
  • Contact information.

After the information for the header and the bottom of the checks has been entered and the templates used have been selected, click the Save Changes button.

Receipt Template Word

Create a sales receipt for your customer to confirm their purchase using our Word receipt template.

  • The Word template doesn’t require any particular skill in creating a receipt;
  • This receipt template can be printed in a minute;
  • It can be easily changed or saved for accounting purposes;
  • Use this template with a simple blue design to create professional sales receipts and invoices.

Receipt Template Excel

Microsoft Excel is one of the Office suite's most versatile and valuable programs. There you will find all kinds of templates – for creating a budget for the next financial year, inventorying company supplies, planning meals, etc.

Explore our app's collection of premium Excel receipt templates, or choose the rich selection of free templates. There are also Excel spreadsheet templates that will simplify short-term and long-term budget planning. These spreadsheets offer built-in formulas that automatically fill in subsequent cells – just fill in the first row.

Other Popular Free Receipt Templates

Any business uses various checks: guest, service, and invoices. What document templates can be downloaded for free from Receipt Maker? When registering in our program, you receive essential blanks that can be deleted and customized for your business in the document template editor. Among them are:

  • acts of completed work;
  • receipts;
  • warranty cards;
  • invoices;
  • route lists;
  • labels and price tags.

You can even create a table reserve receipt! It informs the waiter or hostess about the reservation time, the table number, and the number of guests behind it, and they also contain the name and phone number of the guest who reserved the table.

  • E-check is an excellent tool for communication with guests. You can print the establishment's logo on the guest check template, inform them that you have a loyalty program, and display a QR code for registration.
  • If this is a regular guest, he can see the current status of his bonus account and how much he has been charged for the order.
  • The QR code can lead the guest to any other page – your Instagram, website, or tip service page.
  • After all, you can simply thank the guest for visiting the restaurant and write that you are waiting for him again – your guests will be pleased.

Receipt Maker has ready-made check templates, but you can customize your version.

Specialized Receipt Template Collection

Some tasks require a specially modified receipt:

Donation Receipt: This document may include additional information to confirm a deal and deduct donations from your taxes.

Invoice or Check? How Not to Get Confused?

An invoice is a document that contains information about goods or services, their cost, quantity, characteristics, and terms of delivery. The seller transfers it to the buyer or transport company at the shipment or sale of the goods.

Summing Up

Do you often deal with receipts and invoices? To give a check, you can spend a short time understanding the sell-buy system, attract programmers or install complex and expensive software. Use our receipt template or register in Receipt Generator and create templates of frequently used documents. The program will do the rest for you. If you have any questions, ask our support staff. They are happy to advise users on the software product.

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