Receipt Template Excel

Business is only possible with Excel. As long as there are accounting standards, other programs for working with big data are unsuitable. We can name three main advantages of Excel:

  • Cheap program;
  • Available on different devices – it is an automatic program on Windows computers;
  • Relatively easy to learn.

Any person who wants to automate and simplify his work, get rid of routine and save time will be able to learn how to work with this program in a couple of months. The most critical thing in Excel is data processing. You can quickly process information by using our receipt template excel

What Types of Receipts Are Best To Create In Excel Format?

Very often, sellers need help deciding which design to choose for a check, Word or Excel.

Receipt Template Word

Create a sales receipt for your customer to confirm their purchase using our Word template. This sales receipt template can be printed, easily changed, or saved for accounting purposes. Use this template with a simple blue design to create professional sales receipts. Choose Word for:

  • Checks with a small amount of data;
  • Receipt of cash for small expenses;
  • Fundraising receipt.

Receipt Template Excel

Excel is suitable if you plan to work with many items and figures. The program automatically calculates the total amount and facilitates the work. Excel is suitable for:

  • Checks and invoices;
  • Payment statements;
  • Accountability;
  • Monthly budget, balance;
  • Expense log;
  • Loan repayment schedule.

Who Chooses Receipt Template Excel?

A receipt is a primary document ensuring consumer rights protection and helping in accounting. The receipt allows the buyer to exercise the right to return or exchange the purchased product. Invoices in Excel are helpful for medium and small businesses. Large trade and production enterprises mostly use a unique accounting system, which performs functions for keeping commodity and tax records, automating trade, transferring data to the Federal Tax Service, analytics, and more.

But smaller traders can quickly generate receipts using Receipt Maker free receipt templates.

Receipt Template Benefits

  • With the help of one button, you can set a format for the tables, making it more convenient to work with them;
  • You get an automatically adjusted range of cells, which can be given a name and used as a link in the future;
  • You can use an auto filter;
  • Automatic headers;
  • Auto-completion of cells and columns;
  • Automatic calculating of the total.

Standard Paper Check VS Receipt Excel Template

The composition of the cash document on paper and in the digital version is practically the same. But there are minor differences. In the digital version, in contrast to the paper version, indicate the customer's phone contact number;

  • Sender's and buyer's e-mail;
  • International commodity production code;
  • Serial number (for marked goods).

It is possible to specify additional, optional information. For example, briefly mention promotions and discounts at the end of the online check. Or add a discount coupon, which the buyer can use on the next purchase. Sellers and links to the site and social networks, information about the loyalty program, discount cards, bonuses, etc., are indicated.

An Alternative To Using Free Receipt Excel Templates

You can use the Office package and make a check in Excel, but it will not look professional. In addition, you will have to enter all the data and create a new bill manually. The Internet resource Receipt Maker is designed for unrestricted use. This site will never contain viruses or other malicious programs. Our task is to simplify your work and help you to the best of our ability.

We present many forms that can be conveniently filled out and printed online, services for working with texts, and much more.

How to Make a Receipt on Receipt Maker Site?

Receipt Maker is convenient and easy to use, so it is suitable even for beginners. Its main advantages are speed and simplicity. Look further to download electronic receipts pages.

To make a receipt on the site, take the following steps:

  • Choose a template type. Use rent receipt template if you’re a landlord and payment receipt for cash transactions.
  • Place your cursor over the box to copy the text as it is available to “read-only.”
  • Press File – Make a copy to create a new editable document version.
  • In the window to create a new check, fill in all the fields.
  • In the List of goods field, the context menu also opens the window for filling in the properties of the goods/services and entering the necessary information in the corresponding fields.
  • After entering the discount amount, click the Calculate button – the generated check will appear in the side area. Clicking OK will save the document, which can later be accessed from the list of templates.
  • Give the check to the buyer.
  • Choose any convenient method for this: send a link in messenger to an e-mail to the buyer, show a QR code on the screen for scanning, or simply print a receipt. Everything is fast and convenient

Receipt Template Has Automated Functions:

  • A formula that automatically displays the current date;
  • "Product name" is selected from the drop-down list;
  • You can change “Price" and "Amount";
  • The number of names and the total sum is automatically calculated and converted into a written sum;
  • The numerical sum is transformed into a written sum;
  • Columns "Product name" and "Quantity" are filled in manually;
  • All other cells are filled automatically, and the automatically filled columns of the table are highlighted in color.

Receipt Generator or Receipt Templates Excel

Advantages of using our Receipt Generator:

  • Professional layout;
  • Fully customizable;
  • Clients and items are saved automatically;
  • Simple bookkeeping for tax season;
  • Online and in-person credit card processing.

Advantages of working with a Receipt Template Excel:

  • Automatic calculation of the amount;
  • Creation of own fields for entering additional information;
  • Adding the company's logo;
  • Possibility to work with QR code.
  • In the built-in check designer, you can choose the paper size, indents, font styles, layout,
  • and many fields. In addition, the designer supports the expansion of images (logos) and has a generator of QR and barcodes.

Summing Up

The possibilities of Excel are unlimited. Are you looking for templates to use at home? How about a weekly chore schedule or chore list? Don't stress over remembering whose turn to wash the dishes or clean the bathroom – rely on free Excel templates. There are also Excel spreadsheet templates that will simplify short-term and long-term budget planning. You'll always find the Excel template you need for whatever list or chart.

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