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Renting apartments is a subject of great interest for many people. These are young people planning to move away from their parents, professionals moving to another city, and many others.

The parties, a tenant and a landlord, agree to make subsequent monthly payments individually: in cash or by transfer, personally to the owner or through an intermediary, etc. If desired, all these subtleties can be included in the rental contract, but usually, the document specifies only the payment terms (let's say no later than a specific month's date). Use our rent receipt template to simplify and fix the transfer.

What Benefits Give a House Rent Receipt for Landlords and Tenants

If you're a landlord, you can download a rent receipt template on the Receipt Maker to generate a professional bill for a quick deal. This document is the custom receipt and it helpful for both parties, proving the tenant’s payment and helping landlords keep meticulous records.

Advantages of Providing Rent Receipts for Landlords

  • Any landlord looks professional by providing the rent receipts with a company logo and contacts;
  • The documents make it easy to track tenant’s payments monthly, yearly;
  • In a receipt, you can specify any additional option about rental conditions, bonuses, or payment methods.

Benefits of Receiving Rent Receipts for Tenants

  • A tenant has proof that he makes payment in time in specified terms;
  • He has a confirmation of his rental history in case the landlord claims you still need to pay.

What Is a Rent Receipt?

You or your lessor company receives the rent in cash. When you receive money from tenants, you give them a rent check. A check is one of the most convenient and popular forms of payment confirmation.

The rent receipt confirms that the landlord has received the rent with a specified rental period, date, and amount, and this may be evident if the landlord and tenant debate the payment details.

Any additional points, such as a discount for the first month of rent or a reduction in the monthly fee when paying for half a year, must be indicated in the house rent receipt. It is convenient for the tenant and the property owner to understand the calculations and correctly keep records of their income and expenses using electronic receipt.

What Kind of Information is Needed for a Rent Receipt?

There are no special requirements for issuing a rent receipt format. In the description, it is logical to indicate for what period the money was received. For example, if you received payment three months in advance, specify it as "Rent an apartment from Apr 4 to Jul 4".

  • In the field "Cost," you need to enter the entire amount received from the tenants.
  • The receipt should have contact information for both sides;
  • The name who you’re receiving the payment from;
  • Total;
  • House address;
  • The rental period that is covered by the specified sum;
  • A chosen payment method;
  • The date of the money transfer.

Of course, you can miss some points if you don’t find them helpful. The receipt templates you can find on the site are fully customizable so that you can create a unique document that suits your needs.

If you want to avoid accounting problems later, include as much information as possible in your receipt. Feel free to save it in digital or paper format to track each penny you spend or receive.

How to Create a Rent Receipt Template?

To generate a rent bill on the site, take the following steps:

  • Choose a template type. If you want to use another template you can check purchase receipt page.
  • Place your cursor over the box to copy the text as it is available to 'read-only.'
  • Press File - Make a copy to create a new editable document version.
  • In the window to create a new check, fill in all the fields, including payment date, amount, and other details.
  • Add information about your company, logo, and contacts;
  • Clicking OK will save the document, which can later be accessed from the main list of checks.

Send the receipt to the buyer.

How Can You Make a Rent Receipt Look Professional?

If you have a rental business, your rent receipt must look professional. You can hardly have such an effect if you write a receipt by hand. You can choose between our Rent receipt template and the Receipt Generator app.

  • These tools help take your rental business to a professional level.
  • You don’t need to think about what information you should place in the document and what order.
  • Just fill in the forms specially created for you. Alternatively you can check the form for cash payment receipt.
  • You don’t need to create a new receipt every month. You can save a completed document and select it from your gallery whenever you need to make changes.

How to Send a Rent Receipt?

To send an online rent receipt to the client, perform the following actions:

  • After making the payment, before directly printing the check, you will choose the option “Send an electronic check”;
  • In the column "Send an electronic check?" select the desired delivery option: to the phone or e-mail;
  • If contact details are specified in the client's card, then these data will be displayed in the corresponding field;
  • If the customer asks to send a document to another address or number, enter these details manually in the corresponding field.

Summing Up

If there's a dispute about the rent, the rent receipt may be helpful to confirm full payment. Tenants may need documents for tax authorities to deduct rent as business expenses. Receipts can also be helpful in cases of appeals against decisions on financial assistance or government benefits.

Our free templates will help generate a professional document with no particular skill in a couple of clicks.

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